Superhero Licence

heroes.pngValued at about 10.000$ per head, and requiring a year-long training programme, the superhero licence is a status granted by SOMHA to Metahumans who intend to pursue a superhero career.

Superheroes are public figures that generally handle Metahuman threats in stead of the police. They also tend to cloak their identity through characteristic costumes, which helps them not being targetable for revenge by the villains they defeat and being more marketable.

Superheroes are ranked through the Auctoritas System.


  • Access to government databases equal to one’s Auctoritas.
  • Ability to hunt villanous metahumans without incurring in general vigilantism laws.
  • Full support from the RCMU on a level depending on one’s Auctoritas.
  • Superheroes are tried by SOHMA rather than by the national justice system.



  • Superheroes must not attack, harm or in other way purposefully and consciously cause harm to other superheroes.
  • Superheroes must tendentially abide civil law. Using their powers for any criminal activity is not permitted, and may cause an on the fly rescinding of one’s superhero licence and classification as a supervillain.
  • Superheroes must pay to their label an agreed percentage of any of their earnings while using their superhero persona.
  • Superheroes must respond to SOHMA emergency calls if in the area and available.
  • SOHMA reserves the right to flag with immunity from superhero operations any individual they wish.
  • Heroes’ identity must be fully recorded and registered in the SOHMA database and must report to them weekly.

Superhero Licence

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